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by Thotcrime

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Infinitarium Really great stuff. By far one of the best in the cybergrind scene.
Unicorn Hole
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Unicorn Hole At times this album makes me think of a skronkier Number Twelve with digital elements mixed in.. which, I mean, is a hell of a thing to be. The blistering fast drums, nasty breakdowns, techy guitar runs, and even the occasional catchy hook give ønyøurcømputer its unique vibe- not to mention the raw lyrics and screams. Manic Panic Attack! is awesome, but the opener is too much of a bop to not be my favey. Great album! Favorite track: Don't Talk To Me Until I've Vored My Morning Coffee.
Dominic James
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Dominic James immediate, painful, confrontational, relentless Favorite track: Don't Talk To Me Until I've Vored My Morning Coffee.
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moonremix the energy is so raw and exciting, makes me wanna thrash around and have fun Favorite track: ...And Then They Danced With An Android! (Feat. burnt-feathers).
ozymandiasbootis thumbnail
ozymandiasbootis Thotcrime goes hard, but they don't forget to have fun while doing so. From cathartic screams, chaotic riffs and pounding drums to chiptune passages, OnYourComputer is a hell of a good time.
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Don’t talk to me Please don’t fucking talk to me Don’t bother me Please don’t fucking talk to me That’s not my name That’s not my life That’s not my choice Like you ever really had a choice I didn’t ask to be here I’m doing what I can I didn’t ask to know that name I never thought it was mine
Death Death Now my oldest friend Death Death This loss will never end Over and over another body piles Never an escape despite How much I try The mass of bodies growing from disease and suicide Their names will not be written In a book that is not mine All the world burns In a book that is not mine
I wake up to the sound a million banging drums I don’t know where the fuck i am I don’t know who the fuck you are And now the walls are closing in Familiar demons always smiling in my wake Now I’m crunching the numbers, stuffing em in my mouth One by two by three by four they’re screaming I am right And when the Seven approached the Six after the seven ate nine I can not bear to look but you pull me in to stay The seven opens up its mouth, and shows me many teeth it screams You will always fear me. My smile starts to look like ink dripping off a page from a book a I’ve never read We are books with empty pages So let’s rewrite the past and forget our fucking names I want to forget
Tell me how you wanna fuck me Tell me what you wanna do to me I want you to make me hurt I want you to make me hurt Tell me everything that’s wrong I want to carry your pain My problems aren’t important Let me take on yours I’m sorry for telling you what’s wrong with me I’m sorry for making you listen to me I’m sorry for making you validate me I don’t want to be a burden Let me service you Let me be your plaything I don’t care about my own pleasure I just want to make you feel good I just want to make you feel good My only value is what I can give I’ll give you my body I’ll take on your hurt I just want you to feel good
Your constant noise Like the buzzing of flies I seek silence An end to your existence. Make it stop Make it all stop I want off this fucking ride Get me out of here Every word like a dagger Will you turn to face me Reduced to an insect No try to erase me
I Literally Just came in Here to piss And now this I’m every man’s maid I’m not getting paid by the hour or the stall For every seat and every drip For every baby fluid missed I want the cost collection I’m deserved Compensation For every seat and every drip For every baby fluid missed
Soft tissue gives way to synthetic Always does, baby And the old blood pours out And the coolant flows in I give up my physical form in the belly of the machine Forever indebted to a mother that cannot love me Born anew in a world that fears me The whole party hears me They feel the flame that sears me Bring them to tears In case they'd ever dare to cheer me But the terror turns to curiosity. It always does, stuck on repeat Even though the flesh isn't real I'm treated like a piece of meat They dance with the android, get their hands dirty They hump and cum into a soulless void Oblivious to the ways this cunt will let them down I'm not something they'd want to touch If they knew where I've been hanging out Project something more profound onto whatever comes out of my mouth I gave up my physical form in the belly of the machine Burned up my body in a big fucking fireball And now I'm a mind trapped in a program No presence, no awareness Sterile and unblinking just how I'm supposed to be Their lips, their tongues, on what they think is skin I almost start to feel bad for them They want something authentic Instead, they get this Their sweat, their saliva, I almost miss the taste But at the end of the day it's just waste I have no use for pleasure anymore A cybernetic whore
Dead and dreaming Every day I long for solace This life pains me The grim reality is fucking haunting me And I refuse to live this way Only time will tell When everything will be okay I’m still finding myself But it’s too late My hourglass is all out of sand Would you please hold my hand?
I’m getting closer to implosion It gets worse every day I don’t know how i can make it stop Every morning is another mistake There’s this heavy feeling in my chest The weight of the world over my head Every passing moment nails on marble I wish that I could go back to bed I can’t escape, the shaking feeling By the end of the night I could be dead I can’t escape, the shaking feeling By the end of the night I could be dead Never knowing what’s around the corner Always watching where your foot steps closely Never knowing how the day will end When I wake up I can’t leave my bed Everything is fine
RAWR! 01:35
I'd like to see you on the dancefloor I'd like to see you fuckin' work it baby work it baby I wanna see you bleed out on the dance floor We could do this all night, ever night Mother Don't worry I'm hanging out with the girls tonight We're going dancin in the parking lot Don't worry about the things we brought It's not like we're gonna get caught Don't worry I'm hanging out with the girls tonight We're going dancin' in the parking logt It's not like we're gonna get caught
Bodies tangled in motion Legs like wires twisted Sweat oozing from every pore And blood for every incision No clear sense of who i was But he watches me with malice Running in place on hamster wheel With every step that blurs my vision I’m talking way too much I know I can’t shut up Maybe I’m still stuck Maybe I’m just bad luck Maybe I’m real depressed I wish I could get dressed My muscles growing tense This is the weight of stress I wish I could be less Leave this world and watch it burn Leave this place and perish No future left to inherit


We love you <3


released November 20, 2020

Thotcrime is K. Salmon, Malady Jane, Hayleyy Sparxx, and Dot Homler

Cory "Curly" Swope - Guest vocals on track 3
Alexis Page - Guest vocals on track 5
Jenna Pup - Guest vocals on track 6
James McHenry - Guest vocals on track 7
Claire C. - Guest vocals on track 8

Produced by Thotcrime
Mixed and mastered by K. Salmon
Art by Hayleyy


all rights reserved



Thotcrime Illinois

digital girls on yr computer ^~^


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